The head of his cock slips out my sloppy wet hole and slides up to the entrance to my ass. I feel him drip saliva all over my asshole and his cock. His act makes me lustfully groan in anticipation. “Please!” He slowly pushes the head in letting me get used to being stretched open so wide. He teasingly takes his sweet time sinking in all the way, making me feel each and every inch.Once he feels me completely relax he starts to fuck my ass like he was fucking my cunt. The sound is wet, hot and so nasty. I reach down underneath my body and start rubbing my clit. His left hand grips my hip while his right slides up my arched back into the hair at the base of my spine. His grip in my hair tightens. He pulls enough to let me know who’s in control.And then I start milking his cock with my ass to show him he’s not. “Oh fuck, you’re gonna make me cum,” he growls through clenched teeth. I squeeze harder, pulsing my ass around his cock. He slams his dick all the way inside my ass and it makes me explode again. Cumming for him makes my cunt and ass contract involuntarily setting off his orgasm.




Exploring my fantasies….I get turned on by thinking about having sex with the Devil, or having sex with demons or an incubus.  The movie “The Entity” had a dark sexual element to it that was a turn on to me.  My sexuality is piqued by fantasizing about their otherworldly dark and decadent and huge cocks that take me to places of eroticism which leave me hot and wet…
The psychological twist is that it’s not that I want sin, I am weak and cant resist sin, which leads into my other hot fantasy of being fucked, and punished by a religious figure, like a priest.  The punishment would be cathartic.
Of course I also fantasize that I am a temptress who seduces men of the cloth.  Then they are angry because of my slutty ways and they punish me…

This is from a comic. I’ve masturbated to it more than once!